Obsession, my very own fanlisting collective. Here you can find all the fanlistings that I have joined. All these fanlistings have been approved by
The Fanlisting Network. I really enjoy it to join new fanlistings and I guess it has become a small obsession *grin*.

This is the first layout I have made. It features Frodo from the Lord of the Rings movies. I got the image from MM52.com. Fonts used are Aka Frivolity and Arial.

I guess I started joining fanlistings because I wanted to belong. I just wanted to show that I am a fan of things other people are fan of too. A little later I loved the idea of owning fanlistings because then people would tell you they are fan of things you already were a fan of (is this making sense?). And of course I liked the challenge of creating several little webpages ^_^.

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